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Old World Quality

Experience the difference of High Quality Provisions
Old World Meats is the Northland's only Certified Angus Beef retailer.
We proudly specialize in top notch meats, cheeses, and provisions.

See For Yourself

Below is an image of four different grades of meat. The quality increases from left to right.

Certified Angus Beef and Certified Angus Beef Prime have bold, beautiful marbling.

This means it will have significantly more flavor and a far better texture.

USDA Select - A common grade in wholesale and big-box  grocery chains.

USDA Choice - The most common grade, found in grocery stores and other meat markets.

Certified Angus Beef - Undergoes 10 stringent standards to qualify.  Bold flavor, great texture.

CAB Prime - Best on the market. Only the top 3% of beef qualify. Finely textured, highest marbling. Available at Old World Meats by special order.

Certified Angus Beef, prime USDA Choice steaks

And Another Example...

USDA Choice Angus Certified Steaks

The 10 Stringent Requirements of Certified Angus Beef

10 Stringent Requirements


1. Modest or higher marbling – for the taste that ensures consumer satisfaction

2. Medium to fine marbling texture – the white “flecks of flavor” in the beef that ensure consistent flavor and juiciness in every bite

3. Only cattle harvested less than 30 months of age by dentition and only A-maturity lean – for superior color, texture and tenderness



4. 10- to 16-square-inch ribeye area

5. 1,050-pound hot carcass weight or less


6. Less than 1-inch fat thickness



7. Superior muscling – limits light-muscled cattle


8. Practically free of capillary rupture – ensures the most visually appealing steak


9. No dark cutters – ensures the most visually appealing steak


10. No neck hump exceeding 2 inches – safeguards against cattle with more variability in tenderness

Certified Angus Beef Prime


For many people, a great steak is the pinnacle of meals. It’s what you serve when you want to treat yourself and your family. But a select few—the true aficionados—seek something more: the experience only provided by the legendary quality of Certified Angus Beef ® brand Prime.

It’s the very best of the best, with nine more standards than USDA Prime. It’s a taste of the good life: one in which craftsmanship is treasured and excellence embraced. It understands that time is precious and not to be squandered on anything second best.

Certified Angus Beef Prime is available upon request at Old World Meats.

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