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The Old World Story

Three Generations of Wrazidlo Meat Markets
Old World Meats Duluth,MN
We believe in the power of Food.
We gather together for it, we crave it, we spend time in the kitchen morphing it into  something to please us and to impress our friends. But more importantly, food is the conduit of most conversations. We share the stories of our lives, we ask our kids what they have learned in school, we make business deals.
Old World Meats is the resource for meats and provisions that you can trust.
We provide natural, hormone and steroid free meats, so you can feed your family and friends with confidence while you gather around your kitchen table.
Family Company
Old World Meats original store

Our  Family Story.

Prior to the Great Depression, Frank Wrazidlo packed his belongings and boarded a steamer headed for a land promising freedom and opportunity, America. The 23-year-old butcher left his hometown of Czarno Wang Germany. He carried with him his family’s hopes and dreams and brought along the meat recipes and techniques handed down through generations.
He passed through Ellis Island in June of 1928 and first stopped in Chicago before settling in Duluth Minnesota. He opened Frank’s Quality Meats in 1951 and sons Richard & Leonard took up the family business, purveying meat in two different locations.
More than 50 years later, grandson Paul carries on the family’s traditions with the 3rd generation of Wrazidlo’s Old World Meats. He still uses the Old World ways his grandfather brought to America. And like his grandfather, he only uses the best meat available. Certified Angus beef is sold along with all natural hormone free pork and poultry. The shop is USDA federally inspected to ensure customers safety of Wrazidlo’s Old World Meats.

Our Promise to you.

All of our beef, poultry & pork is All Natural plus a whole lot more:
  • Never received antibiotics.
  • Never received steroids or growth hormones.
  • Never fed animal by-products – vegetarian feed only.
  • Always humanely raised & handled safely.
  • We know where our meat comes from.
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