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Your mouth waters and your taste buds zing as you bite into one of Old World Meats handcrafted snack sticks. Offered in 12 unique flavors, you can taste the difference in our products for two reasons. First, we use nothing but top quality ingredients in our products. This is why we have a 100% personal guarantee on the integrity of our products. The second is that Old World Meats sticks are handcrafted and smoked with maple and oak from the upper Midwest to uphold the old fashioned flavor our family sworn by for three generations. From our convenient point of sale display boxes, to our innovative shelf stable flavors, and consistent delivery promises, Old World Meats is your snack stick choice for the growing protein market.


Offered in 12 flavors:

· Bloody Mary
· Dill Pickle
· Buffalo Ranch
· Buffalo Style
· Onion and Garlic
· Habanero HOT
· Honey BBQ
· Original
· Pepperoni
· Pepper Cheese
· Mandarin Teriyaki

Old World Meats Snack Sticks

  • Each box stands 12 inches tall, 4 inches deep, 4 inches wide.

    12 one ounce snack sticks per box.

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